Sanjaya Malakar gets kicked off American Idol, flips out.

<!– s9ymdb:23 –><img width='866' height='388' style="border: 0px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;" src="" alt="" /><br />nAfter a predictable but disappointing loss for Sanjaya Wednesday night, the world was stunned by shocking images of the Idol contestant apparently losing his mind.<br />nIn the 20 minute rambling Quicktime video purportedly released by Sanjaya, there were several references to the "unfair judging practices" on American Idol as well as how "Simon has wrecked my life".<br />n"This is for my sisters, my brothers, and everyone else that works in an Indian telephone call center for a living," Sanjaya states near the end of the video.<br />n"He may be on the loose, and he may have guns," stated Sgt. Dykstra from the Los Angeles Police Department, "We can only hope and pray that he doesn't do the unthinkable and sing."<br />


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