Gaza Strip Breakthrough – Hamas offers prisoner release if someone will tell them what the fuck happened to Amy Grant

<!– s9ymdb:516 –><img class="serendipity_image_center" width="400" height="156" src="" loading="lazy" alt="Amy Grant where is she?"><br />n<br />nIn a surprising move Friday afternoon, senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh offered a glimpse of hope to missing and abducted victims of the recent Mideast uprising.<br />n<br />n"What the fuck happened to Amy Grant anyway", Haniyeh was quoted speaking through an interpreter this afternoon.<br />n<br />n"I mean, fuck. Tell me where she disappeared to and I'll tell you where your people have disappeared to".<br />n<br />n"All the cards are on the table – we are ready to negotiate. This whole thing could have been avoided – it's always been about Amy".<br />n<br />nAmy Grant, a once beloved and cherished singer and songwriter made famous for her positive messages and songs about Jesus and love, could not be found for comment.<br />


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