Fat girls hit on me

<a class='serendipity_image_link' href='https://www.pleasegodno.com/uploads/yahoopersonalfat.jpg'><!– s9ymdb:16 –><img width='150' height='134' style="float: left; border: 0px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;" src="https://www.pleasegodno.com/uploads/yahoopersonalfat.serendipityThumb.jpg" alt="" /></a>Fat girls are easy.<br />nOn an average day I get at least 1 fat girl message floating into my "Male seeking Female" advertisement on the internet.<br />nListen. I am not small. I don't advertise myself as someone who is as healthy as he can be. I don't advertise myself as being into fitness and eating well… BUT ALL THESE FAT CHICKS???<br />nThere's plenty of me, I don't need any more. I am plenty big enough for the both of us, so please stop hitting on me, fat chicks.<br />nClick on the picture attached to blow up a screenshot of a Yahoo Personal message I got not too long ago. Another fat chick. What makes this picture extraordinarily funny was that the contextual advertisement underneath her picture was weight loss related. Funny.<br />nI've been on 20 blind dates in the past 3 years. 18 of these have been fat. 17 fatter than I was led to believe, and the other two completely out of my league.<br />nFat chicks get weird quickly too. No I don't want to raise your two year old as my own. Thanks anyway, fatty, Fat fucking hoe. <br />nIt's like this,.. I m gonna be as big as I need. I'll put myself out on the line. I am looking for a girlfriend. And all i ask for is someone who is extremely attractive that is not a nasty fat hoe.<br />


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